Technical setup

The Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) consists of a VPP Control Center, various energy consumers and energy-producing small-scale power plants operating locally and separately within the electricity grid.

VPP’s Control Center is in direct data connection with the control system of the small-scale power plants and is also connected with the IT system of the Hungarian TSO (MAVIR). VPPS can connect an unlimited number of small-scale power plants – irrespective of size, location or fuel source – to multiple markets: the power exchange, system-level services and end users.

The control unit of the small-scale power plants connected to the VPPS is called the Smart Unit: it forwards operation data from the power plant to the VPPS and receives online instructions from the VPP Control Center, so that they can be collectively run and managed by the Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) in line with real-time market demands. 

By inventing and operating its Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS), VPP created a sustainable new energy model, which

  • offers sustainable long-term business advantages,

  • is continuously updated in line with international energy system trends,

  • relies on the domestic traditions and advantages of decentralized power generation systems,

  • offers an efficient and flexible means of power generation and services by connecting IT and energy systems.

Smart Unit

The Smart Unit provides a continuous two-way data link between the small power plants, pools and VPP virtual power plants.
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