Sales & production management

VPP’S virtual power plant offers automated production management and optimized electricity trading services for CHP/CCHP small-scale power plants as follows: 


Cooperation framework

  • CHP/CCHP small-scale power plants offer their free capacities to VPP’s Virtual Power Plant

  • VPP purchases the capacity flexibilities from energy producers, paying the capacity and energy fees

  • VPP uses an automated system to manage power plant production based on real-time sales demands – via VPP’s virtual power plant control room

  • VPP harmonizes onsite heat and power demands and provides an energy supply with increased supply security

  • VPP optimizes the trading of the electricity produced on multiple markets at the same time:

    • on the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX),

    • on the balancing energy market and

    • directly to end-users.

  • All this leads to higher margins for small-scale power plants without the additional costs of sales and balancing energy.