Integrated energy solution

VPP’s integrated energy solution provides energy-intensive consumers with a full range of services to replace their existing energy supply from the grid or partially generated onsite. 

Onsite energy supply with virtual power plant integration 

Our service package is based on three main pillars: 


 Implementation of onsite energy systems

  • VPP replaces the consumer’s existing energy supply with a new, customized onsite technology solution that supplies all the power and heat required for the consumer’s production and facility operations.

 Operation of onsite energy systems and energy supply

  • Connecting and operating the onsite energy system under VPP’s virtual power plant is a reliable and innovative solution: it increases supply security, yields higher efficiency and guarantees cost savings for the energy consumer.

 Demand-side management

  • Demand-side management is an option provided by VPP to further increase energy efficiency and utilize free onsite energy producing capacities to generate additional income for energy producers – without limiting consumption.


Integrated energy solution model

Optimized onsite energy supply

Following the technological development, the innovative production, storage and network set-up optimizes the usage of energy sources – whether generated onsite or supplied by the network – in real time, resulting in maximal business and environmental efficiency for the energy consumer.

Smart utilization of capacity flexibilities

By better utilizing onsite capacity flexibilities, VPP ensures surplus income for energy producers along with lower energy costs and a more flexible, reliable energy supply offering long-term sustainability.


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